Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter from a fan ♥

This week has been overwhelming with fan emails, and there couldn't have been a better week for that. This morning I didn't want to get out of bed, but I didn't want to get in it last night either. The sun is shining today, and so is my future, so I will press on. 

This weekend was full of company, and there was tons of laughter. My heart still feels like there's a hole in it tho, and not even cereal will fill it.
This morning I woke up to this message:


I thought that I would take a moment from my day to say thank you.  Thank you for what you are doing and how at times, as I am aware of challenges you face personally, professionally and financially, you choose to make a sacrifice accomplishing what a heart's desire is.   I can speak from experience that, if and I have not a doubt, that what you say is what you do, then you are inspirational to all that you meet and touch.

A remarkable character builds what it is and you are helping to build remarkable characters in all whom you touch the lives of, and more than that...

Stay on your path and I pray that you have all the love you need and  a remarkable support system at home to help you reach your goals; in what I have seen, you already have surpassed those goals which were made by yourself for yourself some time ago.

Be very Blessed.
D. James

I love my fans. I love the letters I receive. It reminds me of what I want in life, what I NEED in life. 
I don't take any of you for granted 
happiness is only a cat hat away.

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