Monday, October 11, 2010

Weird email of the week....

so i thought i'd post some of the weird messages i get for gigs, once a week, although they come in a bit more than that....

I am very interested in a solo site for ya, the way i work is this, i shoot 30 sets and 30 videos and i pay a 2500 dollar cash bonus.  With those 30 sets i start building and designing the website.  Once the website is online, you will then get 40% of your websites net profits.  I charge 29.95 for a 30 day membership and the fans credit cards automatically re bill every 30 days.  So when a model gets 1000 members that's 29,995 Dollars a month the website will be bringing in.  I have to update the site 2 times a week with fresh content.  i am very professional and i do business over the telephone.  But yea lets talk on the phone and see if we can do some business soon.  I am looking for my next solo model, and i have found a few potential girls, then you popped up in my mind today, and i am more then interested in signing you a deal.  Beyond the solo sites, i get my models into magazines, tv shows, Howard Stearn,  there is a lot more to these websites then just photos and videos.  Its all about personality.  As well as you can clear 7-10 grand a month just doing webcam shows 3 nights a week.  My methods work, and i am all about making money, as well as making the hottest content possible.  I rent million dollar homes by the week for all my shoots.  Anyway i am all over the place today with meetings, please give me a call.

holy moly. no way jose.

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  1. Come on Jade, ur gonna have to get used to these emails with the webcam show business proposals lol. Anyways, hope all has been well with you and hit me back on the email