Saturday, February 5, 2011

Balance me Brazil ♥

happy buddha. happy jade.
january was absolutely amazing. 
i got that ring girl gig, and that made my world. the fights will air on MTV2, and i am stoked, i really couldnt ask for a better year already. :) i just sent $900 to Uganda from the jewelry the women and i made there together, and there is no better feeling than knowing that if i werent alive and trying to make a difference, then they wouldnt be receiving that. thats all i want my life to be. to count to those in need. i belong to them, and no one else. and to the camera. sometimes. italian maxim published me in their february issue. 
and my heart is doing better. not because im happy about what happened or the way things still are, but because life is absolutely stunning, and there is just way too much to be smiling about. 
sometimes im boggled by the way life turns. like when i went to cancun, 3 days prior i didnt even know i was going, and wala! there i was on a camel next to a clear ocean. 6 months ago i didnt know i would be boarding this plane to brazil either. it makes me stare at amazement at the next few months, because who knows where i will go, who i will be with, and what i will be doing. but i will be smiling in my favorite red plaid shirt and my red suitcase that i love to live out of. i dont think i could live a life that doesnt allow that. i am absolutely impossible to tie down. and it doesnt mean you cant catch me. it just means you need to run with me :) because there are adventures around every corner, and in every dark alley. even in sketchy rio. i will get lost, because thats how i find myself. i will fall, because thats how i find my balance. 
i am one of the most social human beings you could ever meet. maybe because i went to 18 schools. maybe because i love stories. but meditating in silence over the next month is going to be a challenge that i am going to embrace. just like balancing....on my head. and every night at wisdom circle around a bon fire at the bottom of enchanted mountain, i am going to hear stories, in all different accents. of where these people came from, where they are going, how they got here. why they love life. 
and one thing is for certain, im going to kiss a dolphin, balance not only on my head and in my heart, but on a surfboard. i am going to love on street kids. and im going to kayak and hand-glide and hang from rocks and sleep in the rainforest. because thats the life i want. you have to do what you love. life is too short not to. if you dont like something, change it. and if you cant change it, the most you can do is change the way you think about it. its all in purrrrspective cats. here is where im going:

"At Enchanted Mountain Center, you will discover the magic of this unique meeting of mountain, forest, lakes and sea while you reconnect with the inner enchantment of peace and harmony within your being. The Center is located in the heart of the temperate rainforest on a site of over 50 acres with views of lakes, mountains, white sand dunes, and the Southern Atlantic Ocean. The Center has a feeling of peace and tranquility while at the same time, you’re only 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the village of Garopaba."

meet me there? 
ill be the one in the hammock with my yoga mat rolled up next to me and some type of cold treat in my hand and bikini on my body. 
im going to miss you. save me a dance ;)

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  1. I admire you. Your willingness and desire to step out into this world and take whatever may come. Your selfless devotion to others in everything that you do. Your true desire and undying devotion to those who are suffering in this world. Your bravery, spirit, honesty, laughter, that wonderful smile. You are a beautiful woman Jade Bryce, both inside and out, from head to toe. I truly admire you.